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Emergency Passover Tzedakah Fund

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Emergency Passover Tzedakah Fund

Helping the Poor Makes a BIG difference in the world

Critical Chesed Appeal

Dear Friends,

I have been approached recently by a few individuals needing assistance to pay for basic costs of food. Our Chesed funds have run out. Thankfully, our sages teach us that we must donate and distribute "kimcha d'pischa", funds for those in need to purchase Passover supplies.

In addition to the need that we see in any year, this year the need is greater that before due to the lasting economic hardship of the pandemic.

In addition to supply basic Passover supplies, we will be helping people with funds for basic necessities and rent.

"Rabbi, I'm sorry to bother you. I am totally broke and have nothing." This is someone that I know, who has been to our shul and our lunches over the years. It's heartbreaking.

One of the people who need help is undergoing chemo treatment, and another is having surgery and it will take three months before they can work full-time again.

Pico Shul does not have the infrastructure to help everyone in need, and we are not attempting to replacing other community wide chesed organization. Those organization need your help as well.

I am only writing in the capacity of a rabbi who has been trying in our limited capacity to bring some joy to those who are living in sadness, to bring some light to those who are in a dark place.

Please consider a donation today of any size to our Pasover Emergency Fund and may Hashem reward you spirituality and materially for all you do for others.