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Our Future Depends on Jewish Young Professionals

The Hanukkah candles SHINE in every generation and every age

Whatever the Jewish people are experiencing, we find inspiration and meaning in the simple act of lighting the Menorah.

While we are witnessing today dangerous anti-Jewish hate, violence and threats against our community — we will not hide our love and support for the Jewish people, Judaism and Israel.

We are working to make sure the Jewish people, Judaism, and Israel shine bright.

Your support for creating a brighter Jewish future for Jewish young professionals is more important than ever.

Amy’s Story

Pico Shul's many projects and programs impact the lives of thousands of Jewish young professionals each year. We would especially like you to meet Amy.

Amy is 33 and from the midwest. She came to our summer retreat after a bitter and hard break-up. She had been engaged, but one day her fiancé told her he was having second thoughts about the wedding. Worse, he felt they were not a good match. It was over.

When we first met Amy years ago at Shabbat lunch at Pico Shul. She was outgoing, inquisitive, and optimistic about the future. Now we felt like we were meeting a different person. She was crushed by the failed engagement.

She came to Camp Neshama looking to make a change. She had heard positive reviews from past participants and hope that camp would be a place of rejuvenation.

That's what Amy found at Camp Neshama. She felt rejuvenated, some might event say rejewvinated :-) and welcome.

Amy had an amazing time and connected to a new group of friends. When she said goodbye, we felt like we were meeting that same optimistic, and outgoing woman who we had met before.

Please Show Jewish YP's Like Amy Some Love

Your investment today in Jewish young professionals is an investment in:

  • Transforming the lives of Jewish singles
  • Creating a dynamic Jewish future
  • Creating Jewish pride to counter the anti-Jewish hatred

Why Should You Support Our Efforts?

Since 2009, we have focused exclusively on Jewish young professionals. We are constantly innovating, creating new opportunities.

We go where no one else goes.

We reach people that no one else reaches.

We put our heart into every program, event, retreat and trip.

We work to ensure that every YP is more connected to the Jewish community through a wider network of friends than before.

We remain committed to this cause — ensuring that every Jewish YP is more connected to the Jewish community — Because a strong network of Jewish friends is proven to be the most effective way to help young people stay in the Jewish community, to find a life partner, and start a Jewish family.

Thank you for joining us on this journey creating a more caring, welcoming, and united community and a BRIGHTER Jewish future.

Thank you for Showing Them Some Love.