Help Pay Michael's Rent and Medicine Bill

Together we can help Michael

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Together we can help Michael

Severe Crohn's Leaves Michael in Constant Pain and Unable to Work

Michael is a young Jewish professional who enjoys music, math, and being part of the Jewish community — but due to crippling Crohn's disease, he can't work and uses a wheelchair.

His parents have exhausted all their savings taking care of him.

Please consider becoming a weekly or monthly donor so that Michael can afford to live in the Jewish community, and pay for his IV and the helpers who care for him.

Michael is on MediCal, and gets SSI assistance - but he has no government help with rent. As he uses cannabis to control the pain his symptoms — he can't live in an assisted living facility.

Michael is also looking for volunteers to help make calls, bring over leftovers and food, cooking help, find helpful items, and more. Email

Thank you for being a Friend of Michael, and may God reward you for your generosity many times over.