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Pico Shul's 2019 Giving Tuesday Campaign

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Pico Shul's 2019 Giving Tuesday Campaign

We are commanded to love each soul of the Jewish people . (Sefer HaChinuch 243)

מצות אהבת ישראל - לאהב כל אחד מישראל אהבת נפש

“I’m new to LA and looking for community,” said Robin, age 27, as we met her during Pico Shul’s LoveFest Tu B’Av Party in August. “Moving to a new city is really exciting, but it’s also pretty disorienting. I don’t really know where I fit in. I started to become more observant in Atlanta where I was going to school and then working. I really want to find a place where I can continue learning and growing.” While Robin has a few acquaintances scattered around greater LA area that she knew before moving west, what she doesn’t have is Jewish community.

Thanks to that one event, and then attending Days of Awesome High Holidays, Robin met some new friends and met a friendly rabbi and rebbetzin. She recently joined us for a Shabbat meal, and now feels she has a community where she can go and will always be welcome.

She explained that she finally found a community that isn’t judgemental of her past, and is also super supportive of her path.

Please help today as we raise critical funds to support Pico Shul, the most welcoming place for community and spiritual growth in Los Angeles.

Your support today means that we can strengthen the Jewish community and help hundreds of people like Robin deepen their connection to the Jewish community and Jewish heritage.

Whatever you give will come back to you many times over.

Thank you for your generous support and may you blessed with an outpouring of Divine favor.

Peace and blessings,

Rabbi Yonah and Rachel Bookstein